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Where passion meets the eye

HOYA Lenses

Driven by passion for innovation and development, Hoya Vision is constantly moving boundaries. By use of extensive research and cutting-edge technology we provide tailored optimized experiences – both for the eye care professional and the spectacle wearer.
To us, whether you’re an eye care professional or a spectacle wearer, it’s all about constantly refining our processes and products for providing the very best services and products. Products and services that really improve the way you see life. The way you want it.



  • A unique, innovative solution for managing myopia

  • Clinically proven effectiveness in slowing down myopia progression 3, 4

  • Child-friendly, easy to adapt and non-invasive

    With revolutionary D.I.M.S. Technology, developed in collaboration with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, MiYOSMART spectacle lenses correct the visual defect on their entire surface using the D.I.M.S. honeycomb-shaped segments area to slow down myopia progression.


Single Vision NULUX

A Balance between Performance and Aesthetics

Most spectacle wearers find scratch-resistance important for their lenses and how they look with their specatacles on, especially wearers with high prescription power. 

About Nulux

Nulux offers wearers a range of single vision lenses which provides optimised visual performance and a natural image perception. Many wearers are also looking for thinner and durable lenses. Hence, Hoya designed flatter lenses that are easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant and able to withstand the test of time.

Add on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection. 


Single Vision Nulux Active

The Recommended Solution for Digital Users

In a world that revolves around digital communications, we are increasingly spending a large part of our life in front of a screen. With an increase in the usage of digital devices, many people today experience eyestrain. The 3 main causes of eyestrain are:

  • Long hours of focusing

  • Reduced blinking rate

  • Excessive exposure to blue light

About Nulux Active

Hoya’s Nulux Active lenses are designed to keep your eyes energised throughout the day. Wearers can enjoy comfortable vision even after long hours of near or digital work, with smooth transition when viewing from far to near.

Add on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection. 

nulux active.jpg

Progressive Hoyalux MyStyle

Tailoring Vision for A Unique World

Are you aware that just like our fingerprints, every eye is unique and different? Based on data research, 73% of spectacle wearers* have different power in two eyes. 

*Hoya data: European progressive lens orders 2007-2013

About Hoyalux MyStyle
Hoyalux MyStyle is tailored to your eyes just like how a bespoke suit is tailored for your body. With Hoyalux MyStyle, you can enjoy effortless focusing across different distances and easy adaptation. Your power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences will be analysed to provide you  an improved depth of perception and optimised visual clarity.

Add on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection. 

Standard Progressive Lens

Larger distortion zones at the sides of the lenses


Progressive Hoyalux LifeStyle

Optimised for Your Lifestyle
According to a research*, more than 70% of lens wearers want their lifestyles to be taken into account when their lenses are designed. The freedom to choose frames without limitation is another important factor when choosing lenses. 

*TNS research “Hoya – a multifocal perspective” in UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy in 2012

About Hoyalux LifeStyle
Hoyalux LifeStyle is designed to complement the wearer's lifestyle and enhance your performance by providing effortless focusing across various distances. With Hoyalux LifeStyle, you will also have the freedom to choose different types of frames as this lens design is suitable for a wide range of frame.

Add on Hoya’s lens’ treatments and coatings for better lens durability and eye protection. 

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