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Common Eye Symptoms - Tunnel Vision

If your central vision is fine, but the areas outside your central field of vision start to lose clarity or detail, you may be losing your peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision allows you to see objects all around you without turning your head, and is responsible for detecting motion at the edges of our field of view to sense incoming danger. The remaining central field of vision makes it seem as though you are looking through a tunnel, hence the term “tunnel vision”. The loss of peripheral vision is not only debilitating - it also poses a major safety hazard.

One key cause of loss of peripheral vision is glaucoma, where the build-up of fluid and pressure within your eye damages the delicate fibres of the optic nerve. These delicate nerve fibres are responsible for carrying visual impulses from your eye to the brain. The damage is irreversible and can lead to blindness in advanced cases. However, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

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