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Why visit us even you just need a reading glass?

So if you can get ready glasses for a buck or for a penny less,why should you get them from us?

Because the reading glasses you can get from us are more than seven times better than the reading glasses you can get from the 2 dollar shop.

Here's why

We provide prescription measurement by refractometer and by subjective refraction. You can't enter your exact prescription in the reading glasses you buy off the shelf.

We perform exact pupillary distance (PD). The pupillary distance,not puppylary distance, is the measurement from the center of one pupil to the other.The reading-vision optical center should be right in front of your pupils when you read.When we make glasses, we use your PD to determine the placement of the optical center on each lens, giving you the clearest, cripest vision.

1000+ frames with degisner grade stylish to suit your face size.

Lens with reflective (AR) coating. OK, If you get AR coating,they're going to cost a little more, but it will be worth it. AR coating greatly reduces glare from external light sources as well as reducing eyestrain from long sessions on a computer

You, with a pair of customized reading glasses that include your prescription, PD and AR coating. Best of all, these two won't be in the line ahead of you.

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